Nano-Traps mass spectrometry

Nano-Traps are ideal for fast, reliable and efficient one-step immunoprecipitations. They pull down your proteins of interest (POI) and their interacting factors from cell extracts or organelles. Nano-Traps consist of a VHH, also termed nanobody, coupled to an immobilizing matrix (see Technology). You can use Nano-Traps for a multitude of biochemical analyses such as:

  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Enzyme activity measurements
  • ChIP / RIP analysis


  • No heavy and light chains in your downstream gel and mass spectrometry analysis
  • High binding affinity: Dissociation constants down to 1pM
  • Short incubation times; reliable and consistent results
  • More than 1.000 publications
  • Fulfills highest requirements on antibody validation: Structure and function characterized

Want to trap Myc-Tag?

> Use the new Myc-Trap!


Beside conventional antibodies, Camelidae (alpacas, llamas, camels and dromedaries) possess a second type of antibodies called heavy chain antibodies (hcAbs). HcAbs are devoid of light chains and bind their antigen via a single variable domain (VHH), also known as nanobody. These VHH domains have excellent binding properties and can be produced at constant high quality without batch-to-batch variations.

Available Nano-Traps against: