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Immunoprecipitation troubleshooting

Get tips & tricks for your next IP experiment".

Why GFP-Trap gives the best immunoprecipitation results

Low background, no extra bands & high specificity will improve your pulldown assay significantly. Alpaca Alice shows how it works. Visit to order a free test sample.


How to use GFP-Trap

Using the GFP-Trap is easy and efficient. In this video we show you how.


Basics of Immunoprecipitation

Learn the basic principles, antibody & matrix selection, sample preparation, and critical steps for successful IP

Nano-Secondaries for Immunofluorescence

Watch the full webinar about "Introduction to Nano-Secondaries for immunofluorescence".

Save hours on your Immunoprecipitation

When time in the lab is limited, learn how to save precious hours on your immunoprecipitation.

A Small Peptide-Tag for Any Application

In this webinar, ChromoTek introduces the innovative Spot-Tag, the first peptide tag that was detected by a Nanobody in Super Resolution Microscopy (Virant et al. 2018, Nat. Commun.).