Trace the dynamics of vimentin cytoskeleton in live cells

The Vimentin-Chromobody® visualizes endogenous Vimentin in real time.
The Vimentin-Chromobody comprises the anti-vimentin antigen binding domain (VHH) derived from an alpaca heavy chain antibody genetically fused to TagGFP2.

Vimentin, tested in mammalian cell lines human A549 and Hela and dog MDCK


Analyses of endogenous vimentin in a physiological context
Live cell imaging
Trace epithelial-mesenchymal transition in real-time

Vimentin-Chromobody products
Vimentin-Chromobody plasmid


  • Easily transfect your cells with the Vimentin-Chromobody plasmid
  • Use Vimentin-Chromobody as a marker of vimentin cytoskeleton
  • Monitor dynamics of vimentin intermediate filaments in live cells
  • Vimentin-Chromobody does not affect cell viability
  • The binding of Vimentin-Chromobody does not influence cell viability or cell motility and thus offers you the unique possibility to non-invasively monitor vimentin cytoskeleton in your cells.

About Vimentin

Vimentin is an intermediate filament and part of the cytoskeleton. Vimentin is mainly expressed in mesenchymal cells and can be used as biomarker for epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in standard development and in tumor cell progression.

Vimentin-Chromobody Plasmid (TagGFP2)

Mammalian expression vector encoding Vimentin-VHH fused to the green fluorescent protein TagGFP2 (Evrogen)

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!