Spin Columns

The spin columns allow rapid washing and clean elution of bound proteins.
Spin columns simplify the pull-down of your protein with Nano-Traps coupled to agarose beads.
The spin columns are designed for easy and convenient handling:
For washing, you may discard the flow-through wash buffer; for elution, collect the flow-through after adding the elution buffer.


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Product Spin columns Size 10 units Code sct-10 Price $ 30
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Product Spin columns Size 20 units Code sct-20 Price $ 55
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Product Spin columns Size 50 units Code sct-50 Price $ 120
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Can I recover the beads from the spin column?

Yes, you can transfer the beads from the spin columns. Add 500 µL buffer to the spin column, pipette up and down and transfer the buffer-bead suspension to a fresh tube. Sediment the beads for 2 min at 2.500x g and room temperature and remove the buffer.

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!