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Cell Cycle-Chromobody

Trace cell cycle progression in live cells non-invasively

The Cell Cycle-Chromobody® visualizes the proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA).

This nanoprobe consists of anti-PCNA VHH fused to a fluorescent protein. The Cell Cycle-Chromobody enables you to screen compounds such as cancer drugs for effects on the cell cycle and toxicity in one experiment. You can utilize the Cell Cycle-Chromobody for high content assays (HCA) in early drug development and validation as well as in basic research.

Cell cycle marker PCNA (Proliferating cell nuclear antigen), tested in human cells and zebrafish


Monitoring of cell cycle
Live cell imaging
PCNA as biomarker or control in secondary screens

Cell Cycle Chromobody products
Cell Cycle-Chromobody plasmids
Cell Cycle-Chromobody TagGFP HeLa cell line
Cell Cycle-Chromobody TagRFP HeLa cell line
Cell Cycle-Chromobody TagGFP U2OS cell line
Cell Cycle-Chromobody TagRFP U2OS cell line


  • Trace dynamic changes during the cell cycle in real-time
  • Monitor the distribution of an endogenous cell cycle marker protein without artifacts or cytotoxic effects when overexpressing fluorescent fusion proteins
  • Does not affect cellular functions
  • Available as stable fluorescent HeLa and U2OS cell lines ready to use in cellular screening

Cell Cycle-Chromobody as biomarker

For simultaneous read out of

  • Cell size and morphology
  • Nuclear morphology
  • Progression of S phase (detailed detection of early-mid-late S phase)
  • Mitosis

About PCNA

PCNA is the homotrimeric ringshaped protein that encircles the DNA and acts as a stationary loading platform for multiple, transiently interacting factors participating in various DNA transactions. As an essential cellular component, PCNA is highly conserved from yeast to man.

In eukaryotic cells, PCNA plays a key role in DNA replication, repair, cell cycle regulation, and post-replicative transactions like DNA methylation and chromatin remodelling.

Cell Cycle Chromobody Plasmid (TagRFP)

Mammalian expression vector encoding the cell cycle marker PCNA-VHH fused to the red fluorescent protein TagRFP (Evrogen)

Lentiviral Cell Cycle Chromobody cell lines

(transduced in collaboration with NMI Tuebingen)

cell line fluorescent protein color
PC3 red


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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!