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Spot Capture and Detection System

Introduction of the Spot Peptide-Tag & Spot-Nanobody for Capture and Detection Applications

ChromoTek’s proprietary and novel Spot-System is the first peptide-tag specific Nanobody for universal capture & detection applications. It comprises the Spot-Tag®, an inert 12 amino acid peptide-tag (PDRVRAVSHWSS), and Spot-Nanobodies that specifically bind to Spot-tagged proteins with high affinity.

Nanobodies against peptide tags
In general, Nanobodies tend to bind to native, discontinuous conformational epitopes (3-dimensional epitopes) rather than to linear peptide epitopes (2-dimensional epitopes). However, ChromoTek has managed to develop exceptional anti-Spot-Tag VHH next to anti-Myc VHH and anti-V5 VHH,which recognize small linear peptide tags, respectively.


Free samples available

Request free sample here and test Spot in your experiment.