Nano-CaptureLigand human Ig, lambda

The Nano-CaptureLigand™ human Ig, lambda-LC captures and immobilizes human Ig lambda light chain (LC) antibodies to avidin/streptavidin coated surfaces used in BLI, SPR, and ELISA assays. It consists of a biotinylated Nanobody that specifically binds to human Ig lambda LC antibodies with high affinity and in a site-directed manner.

Specificity: Lambda light chain of human Ig lambda antibodies
Nano-CaptureLigands specificity overview

Conjugates: Biotin

Human Ig lambda capture to biosensors used in BLI and SPR
Human Ig lambda immobilization for ELISA

Advanced immobilization of antibodies
Specific, stable, and site-directed immobilization of non-biotinylated human Ig lambda antibodies to streptavidin/avidin


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Product Nano-CaptureLigand™ human Ig, lambda-LC-specific VHH, biotinylated Size 100 µL Code shuLB-1-100 Price $ 480
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Product Type
Capture Nanobody (VHH)

Immobilization of human Ig lambda-LC antibodies on avidin and streptavidin surfaces for Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), and ELISA

Target/ Specificity 
Lambda-LC of human Ig lambda antibodies

No cross-reactivity to human Ig kappa; goat IgG; mouse IgG; rabbit IgG Fc; rat IgG
Cross-reactivity to rabbit IgG Fab

Affinity (Kd) of monovalent (1:1) binding mode
0.1 nM
Apparent affinity may be higher for full IgGs due to avidity effects (1 antibody captured by 2 Nanobodies).

1 g/L (68 μM)


Degree of biotinylation 
On average 1-2 biotin molecules per Nanobody

Alpaca single domain antibody, monovalent

Alpaca-derived, recombinantly produced in bacteria


CTK0110 (VHH0369)

How to cite this product
Nano-CaptureLigand™ human Ig, lambda-LC-specific VHH, biotinylated
RRID: AB_2848190

Alpaca single domain antibody, VHH, Nanobody, binding domain of single domain antibody, Nano-antibody

Application validated for ELISA and BLI (FortéBio Octet® systems)
Determination of cross-reactivity, subclass specificity, sequence, affinity, and melting temperature

Recombinantly expressed and purified via His-tag

Buffered aqueous solution

Storage buffer 
25 mM TAPS pH 8.5, 500 mM NaCl, 5 mM EDTA, Preservative: 0.09 % sodium azide

Storage conditions 
Upon receipt store at +4°C/+40°F. Optional: Aliquot upon arrival and store at -20°C/-4°F

Stable for 1 year at +4°C/+40°F

Shipped at ambient temperature


  • Detection and quantitation of human Ig lambda light chain antibodies and their antigens
  • Characterization of human Ig lambda antibodies’ binding kinetics and affinity
  • Human Ig lambda antibody discovery and screening in crude liquids like hybridoma supernatant, serum, and plasma
  • Epitope binning

The next level of antibody immobilization to BLI and SPR biosensors

  • Site-directed and specific immobilization of the Fab-fragment of human Ig through the lambda light chain to streptavidin coated biosensors without biotinylation of the antibody
  • Compatible to surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and biolayer interferometry (BLI) assays (e.g. FortéBio Octet® systems)
  • High affinity for stable baseline without significant dissociation
  • >10x regeneration for multiple reuse
  • High specificity enables human Ig lambda antibody discovery and screening in crude liquids like hybridoma supernatant, serum, and plasma samples


Comparison of BLI/SPR immobilization methods

The next level of antibody immobilization for ELISA

  • Compatible to enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) 
  • Site-directed immobilization of human Ig lambda light chain antibodies to streptavidin/avidin coated surfaces of sandwich ELISAs without biotinylation of antibody
  • Combine the site-specificity of protein A, G, and L with the stability of the biotin/streptavidin interaction
  • Human Ig lambda subclass specificity allows the application of a broad range of detection antibodies 
  • High affinity for strong immobilization of human Ig lambda antibodies even at low antibody concentrations


Comparison of ELISA immobilization methods

Nano-CaptureLigands are comprehensively validated

  • Characterized: DNA and protein sequences, affinity, melting temperature
  • Recombinantly produced, virtually without lot-to-lot variation
  • Manufacturing process is animal free

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