The Mdm4/HdmX-Trap is a ready to use resin for immunoprecipitation of Mdm4/HdmX fusion proteins.
The Mdm4/HdmX-Trap consists of a Mdm4/HdmX Nanobody/ VHH coupled to agarose beads.

Species-Reactivity: tested on human Epitope: aa 1-129
Note that binding of Mdm4/HdmX-Trap interferes with binding of p53 to Mdm4/HdmX.

Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
Mass spectrometry (MS)

Mdm4/HdmX-Trap Agarose
Mdm4/HdmX VHH, recombinant binding protein

Mdm4/ HdmX VHH, Mdm4/ HdmX-binding protein, Mdm4/ HdmX single domain antibody fragment (sdAb), Mdm4/ HdmX Nanobody

Benefit from Mdm4/HdmX-Trap for Immunoprecipitation (IP)

  • Immunoprecipitates Mdm4/ HdmX
  • No heavy & light antibody chains in your downstream application

Format/matrices & properties

About Mdm4/HdmX

Double minute 4 protein (Mdm4/HdmX) plays a role in cell cycle control and apoptosis: It inhibits p53/TP53- and TP73/p73-mediated cell cycle arrest and apoptosis by binding its transcriptional activation domain. Furthermore, it inhibits degradation of MDM2 and can reverse MDM2-targeted degradation of TP53 while maintaining suppression of TP53 transactivation and apoptotic functions.

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!