Monitor the nuclear morphology in live cells non-invasively

The Lamin-Chromobody® visualizes the nuclear lamina.

The Lamin-Chromobody consists of anti-Lamin VHH fused to a fluorescent protein. The Lamin-Chromobody enables you to observe nuclear morphology in real time in your cell line of interest. The Lamin-Chromobody can be used for High-Content Analysis (HCA).

Lamin A/C, tested in human cell lines (HeLa, U2OS) and insect S2 cells.


Visualize the nuclear lamina
Live cell imaging
Biosensor for real-time assays of mitosis or apoptosis

Lamin-Chromobody products
Lamin-Chromobody plasmid
Lamin-Chromobody cell lines: HeLa and U2OS cell lines available. Please inquire!


  • Visualize the nuclear lamina without interfering with its cellular functions
  • Monitor the nuclear integrity and morphology during live cell microscopy
  • Stable fluorescent HeLa and U2OS cell lines ready to go for cellular screening

Lamin-Chromobody as biomarker

For simultaneous read out of

  • Cell size and morphology
  • Nuclear morphology
  • Mitosis

About nuclear lamina

The nuclear lamina is a meshwork enclosing the entire nucleus - the control center of eukaryotic cells. Its function is to hold together nuclear content and to add mechanical support to the nucleus. The nuclear lamina is a very sensitive subcellular structure. It has to maintain a certain rigidity and at the same time allow structural dynamics. Therefore, artificial incorporation of ectopically overexpressed fluorescently tagged lamins often leads to undesired cytotoxic side effects. The new Lamin-Chromobody binds to Lamin A/C and overcomes these unwanted side effects.

Lamin-Chromobody Plasmid (TagGFP2)

Mammalian expression vector encoding the Lamin-VHH fused to the green fluorescent protein TagGFP2 (Evrogen)

Stable Lamin-Chromobody cell lines

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!