Halo-Trap are affinity beads for immunoprecipitation of Halo-tag fusion proteins. ChromoTek’s Halo-Trap comprises a Halo Nanobody/ VHH coupled to agarose beads.


Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
Mass spectrometry (MS)
Enzyme activity measurements
ChIP / RIP analysis

Halo-Trap Agarose
Halo-Trap Magnetic Agarose
Halo VHH, recombinant binding protein

anti-Halo VHH, Halo Nanobody, Halo-binding protein or anti-Halo single domain antibody (sdAb)

Benefit from Halo-Trap for Immunoprecipitation (IP)

  • Halo-Trap immunoprecipitates Halo-fusion proteins even when already covalently bound to Halo-ligands, i.e. after labelling etc.
  • Halo-Trap can be used for affinity purification
  • Bound Halo-fusion protein can be eluted without protease
  • Structure and function are characterized

Format/matrices & properties

We offer the Halo-Trap coupled to agarose beads or uncoupled as purified recombinant binding protein Halo VHH.

Extraordinary stable & reliable binding

  • Dissociation constant KD of 2 nM
  • Compatible to the following wash conditions: 4 M urea, 1 M NaCl, 10 mM DTT, 2 % Nonidet P40 Substitute, 1 % Triton X-100
  • Applications validated and characterized


Halo-Trap binds Halo fusion proteins no matter if covalently linked to Halo ligands such as dyes, biotin, etc.

About Halo

Halo is a modified variant of a bacterial haloalkane dehalogenase enzyme from Rhodococcus rhodochrous and is designed to form a covalent bond with reactive chloroalkane-based ligands.

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!