Binding Control Magnetic Agarose

Binding Controls are deactivated magnetic agarose beads. They are the same magnetic agarose matrix as our Nano-Traps Magnetic Agarose.

Pre-clearing of cell lysate
Control for unspecific binding of proteins, DNA, etc. to beads

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Product Binding Control Magnetic Agarose Size 500 µL (20 reactions) Code bmab-20 Price $ 75
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Bead properties
Bead size: ~40 µm
Storage buffer: 20 % EtOH

Storage instructions
Shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt store at 4°C. Stable for one year.

How can I avoid unspecific protein interactions binding to the trap?

For preclearing of your sample we recommend to use our binding controls (bab-20 or bmab-20).

Please find more information in our Troubleshooting guide

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Only for research applications, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use!