ChromoTek's Chromobodies® are a novel species of extremely small intracellular functional antibodies. Chromobodies® are based on the antigen binding domain (VHH) derived from heavy chain antibodies of camelids genetically fused to a fluorescent protein (e.g.TagGFP or TagRFP from Evrogen, or EGFP). As opposed to conventional antibodies, these innovative fluorescent nanoprobes are suitable for real time analyses and can visualize endogenous cellular structures and processes in live cells.

Thus, Chromobodies® are the perfect reagents for cellular research including High-Content Analysis (HCA).

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In addition to stable cell lines, you can also obtain a Chromobody® plasmid which allows you to create your own cell lines or transiently express a Chromobody®.

All Chromobody® binding domains are carefully selected to not interfere with endogenous protein function and offer the unique possibility to trace native proteins in living cells.


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