Our Products

Spin columns & blocked beads for preclearing in IPs
Antibodies: IgGs
Monoclonal & polyclonal primary antibodies
Antibodies: Nanobodies/ VHHs
Unconjugated primary camelid antibodies
Intracellular VHHs for life cell analysis
F2H Cellular assays
Reversible analysis of protein-protein interactions
Nano-Boosters & Nano-Labels
High resolution and tissue-penetrating
Affinity purification resins
High resolution and reliable results
Affinity resins for immunoprecipitation
Peptides & proteins
Peptides for elution and proteins controls
Spot-Tag Vectors
Selection of Vectors for cloning Spot-Tag

ChromoTek offers innovative research reagents based on Camelid antibodies:

  • Our Nano-Traps are perfect tools for single-band immunoprecipitation of proteins and their interaction partners. Nano-Traps are thoroughly characterized and have high specificity and efficiency.
  • ChromoTek’s Nano-Boosters enhance the signal intensity of your red and green fluorescent fusion protein in fluorescent microscopy, and along our Nano-Labels have better epitope access and tissue penetration.
  • Our Spot-System is the first peptide-tag specific Nanobody for universal capture & detection applications. It consists of a small peptide tag Spot-Tag® and the Spot-Nanobody, i.e. Spot-Trap and Spot-Label.
  • The Nano-Secondaries are recombinant monoclonal secondary VHH antibodies that are fully validated.
  • Chromobodies® are fluorescent probes that allow you to analyze endogenous proteins in living cells in real time.
  • The fluorescent 2-hybrid F2H® assay enables you to monitor reversible protein-protein interactions in a cellular system.
  • In addition, we provide a growing number of complementary conventional antibodies.