Nano-Secondaries are a novel class of secondary antibodies for higher resolution & better imaging. They consist of Nanobodies that bind their antigen with high affinity & specificity and are conjugated to Alexa Fluor® dyes.

The next level of secondary antibodies
Higher resolution in immunofluorescence
Simultaneous one-step immunostaining
Better, precise, and reproducible stainings

Super-resolution microscopy
Western blot

Alpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH

    Alpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH

    CodesrbAF488-1-10DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 488Size10 µLPrice $ 100
    CodesrbAF488-1-100DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 488Size100 µLPrice $ 365
    CodesrbAF568-1-10DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 568Size10 µLPrice $ 100
    CodesrbAF568-1-100DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 568Size100 µLPrice $ 365
    CodesrbAF647-1-10DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 647Size10 µLPrice $ 100
    CodesrbAF647-1-100DescriptionAlpaca anti-rabbit IgG, recombinant VHH, Alexa Fluor® 647Size100 µLPrice $ 365


    • Higher resolution imaging
    • Reproducible results
    • Reduced incubation and hands-on time
    • Economical: only small amounts needed

    Higher resolution in IF: Why size matters

    Nano-Secondaries are about 10 times smaller than conventional secondary IgG antibodies. Thus, these VHHs label primary antibodies with minimal fluorophore displacement for higher resolution imaging. Furthermore, our Nano-Secondaries bind the IgG in a reproduceable manner, whereas conventional polyclonal secondaries label primaries in a production lot-dependent or rather arbitrary manner. Also, the secondary Nanobodies penetrate tissues better than conventional secondary antibodies.

    Fully characterized immunostaining & -blotting

    Precise and reproduceable staining: Recombinantly produced, stochiometric labelled, and site-specific binding
    Better imaging: High sensitivity and high affinity
    Better handling: Optional one-step staining: simultaneous incubation of Nano-Secondary and primary antibody saves time

    First fully validated secondaries

    For the first time, ChromoTek validates secondary antibodies according to what has been suggested for primary antibodies (M. Uhlen et al. 2016):

    • Our Nano-Secondaries are tested in their target applications immunofluorescence & immunoblotting both in presence and absence of primary antibodies.
    • Cross reactivity against multiple species’ antibodies and sera has been carefully determined.
    • In addition, our secondary Nanobodies are benchmarked with established conventional secondaries.

    ChromoTek’s Nano-Secondaries are based on monoclonal recombinant Nanobodies. They are always sequenced and thoroughly characterized. Their recombinant production in combination with high QC standards ensures reliable and stable Nano-Secondary products virtually without lot-to-lot variation.


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