Sustainable & Eco-Friendly shipping boxes

ChromoTek has set itself the goal of operating more sustainable. Therefore, ChromoTek ships its products in recycled or ecologically degradable packaging as far as possible.

Tube boxes

ChromoTek ships its products in cardboard boxes. The cardboard is made of recycled wastepaper and at least 30% grass. Low-protein grasses are used that are not suitable for animal feed. It comes from compensation areas or fallow land. The cardboard can be 100% recycled and should be disposed according to the local standard recycling guidelines. The material is FSC certified.

Insulation material

For shipments requiring blue ice or dry ice, we mainly use eco-friendly shipping boxes with hemp panels for insulation. These are replacing conventional Styrofoam boxes. Shipping boxes with this type of insulation meet high quality criteria for safe and eco-friendly shipping.

Reliable: Very good insulating properties similar to Styrofoam confirmed.

Sustainable: The cultivation of hemp improves the soil quality. The hemp used comes from Germany or Europe. It is 100% compostable. (DIN EN 13432 certified)

CO2-neutral: The manufacturing process of the panels is climate neutral. In addition, hemp absorbs significantly more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is released during cultivation, harvest and up to processing

How to dispose

The cardboard box can be disposed according to local standard recycling guidelines. The hemp insulation panels are biodegradable. Please dispose of them as organic waste.