Datasheets, protocols & manuals

F2H Cellular assays (copy 1)

Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) Androgen Receptor Kit
F2H_AR protocol (PDF)

Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) Basic for analyses of protein-protein interactions in live cells
F2H protocol (PDF)

Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) p53/Mdm2 Kit
F2H_p53-Mdm2 protocol (PDF)

Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) p53/Mdm4 Kit
F2H_p53-Mdm4 protocol (PDF)


GFP-Trap Agarose
GFP-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
GFP-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

GFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose
GFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
GFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

GFP-Trap Dynabeads
GFP-Trap Dynabeads protocol (PDF)
GFP-Trap Dynabeads Kit protocol (PDF)

GFP-Trap Multiwell Plate
GFP-Trap Multiwell Plate protocol (PDF)

iST GFP-Trap Kit
Protocol iST GFP-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

GST-Trap Agarose
GST-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
GST-Trap_Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

Halo-Trap Agarose
Halo-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
Halo-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

MBP-Trap Agarose
MBP-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)

Mdm4/HdmX-Trap Agarose
Mdm4/HdmX-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
Mdm4/HdmX-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

MK2-Trap Agarose
MK2-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
MK2-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

mNeonGreen-Trap Agarose
mNeonGreen-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
mNeonGreen-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

mNeonGreen-Trap Magnetic Agarose
mNeonGreen-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
mNeonGreen-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

iST mNeonGreen-Trap Kit
Protocol iST mNeonGreen-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

Myc-Trap Agarose
Myc-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
Myc-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

Myc-Trap Magnetic Agarose
Myc-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
Myc-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

iST Myc-Trap Kit
Protocol iST Myc-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

p53-C-term-Trap Agarose
p53-C-term-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
p53-C-term-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

p53-N-term-Trap Agarose
p53-N-term-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
p53-N-term-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

PARP1-Trap Agarose
PARP1-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
PARP1-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

RFP-Trap Agarose
RFP-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
RFP-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

RFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose
RFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
RFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

RFP-Trap Dynabeads
RFP-Trap Dynabeads protocol (PDF)
RFP-Trap Dynabeads Kit protocol (PDF)

iST RFP-Trap Kit
Protocol iST RFP-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

SNAP/CLIP-tag-Trap Agarose
SNAP/CLIP-tag-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
SNAP/CLIP-tag-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

Spot-Trap Agarose
Spot-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
Spot-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

Spot-Trap Magnetic Agarose
Spot-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
Spot-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

Spot-Trap Dynabeads
Spot-Trap Dynabeads protocol (PDF)
Spot-Trap Dynabeads Kit protocol (PDF)

iST Spot-Trap Kit
Protocol iST Spot-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

TurboGFP-Trap Agarose
TurboGFP-Trap Agarose protocol (PDF)
TurboGFP-Trap Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

TurboGFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose
TurboGFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose protocol (PDF)
TurboGFP-Trap Magnetic Agarose Kit protocol (PDF)

iST TurboGFP-Trap Kit
Protocol iST TurboGFP-Trap Kit protocol (PDF)

Spot-Tag Vectors

Spot vectors - positive controls

Sequence file
pSpot-Tag-Actin vector (plasmid) for expression of
Spot-Tag ß-actin fusion protein in mammalian cells - positive control 
 ev-31  ev-31.pdf
pSpot2_GFPSpot-Tag vector (plasmid) for expression of
GFP-Spot-Tag fusion protein in E. coli - positive control
 ev-32  ev-32.pdf
pSpot8_GFP-Spot-Tag vector (plasmid) for expression of
GFP-Spot-Tag fusion protein in S. cerevisiae - positive control
 ev-33  ev-33.pdf


Spot vectors for cloning

Sequence file
 pSpot1 vector, E. coli, Spot-tag N-term., Kan., high expression ev-1  ev-1.pdf 
 pSpot2 vector, E. coli, Spot-tag C-term., Kan., high expression ev-2  ev-2.pdf 
 pSpot3 vector, E. coli, Spot-tag C-term., Amp., low expression ev-3  ev-3.pdf 
 pSpot4 vector, E. coli, Spot-tag N-term., Amp., low expression ev-4  ev-4.pdf 
 pSpot5 vector, S. cerevisiae, Spot-tag N-term., Leu, CEN, low expression  ev-5  ev-5.pdf 
 pSpot6 vector, S. cerevisiae, Spot-tag C-term., Leu, CEN, low expression  ev-6  ev-6.pdf 
 pSpot7 vector, S. cerevisiae, Spot-tag N-term., Leu, 2µ, high expression ev-7  ev-7.pdf 
 pSpot8 vector, S. cerevisiae, Spot-tag C-term., Leu, 2µ, high expression ev-8  ev-8.pdf