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Affinity purification
Recombinant protein purification
ChIP and related techniques
DNA-protein interactions
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Biochem. & cell biology assays
High content analysis
Cell biological assays & screens
Fluorescent staining of antigens with antibodies
Pulldown of proteins with Nanobodies
Ligand capture and Affinity Determination Methods
Ligand immobilization
Live Cell Imaging
Intracellular expression of Nanobodies
Mass spectrometry
Identification of proteins
On-bead enzyme assays
On-bead assays and digestion
Spot Capture and Detection System
Short epitope peptide
Super-resolution microscopy
High resolution imaging
Western blotting
Protein detection by antibodies
  • ChromoTek’s products are used in many biochemical and cell biology applications.
  • Biochemical applications range from immunoprecipitation, affinity purification, via ligand capture immobilization and ELISA, enzymatic assays to Western blot.
  • The high affinity and chemical stability of the Camelid single domain antibodies used in the ChromoTek Nano-Traps makes these also ideal tools for autophagy and ubiquitination assays.
  • Cell biology applications comprise immunofluorescence, life cell imaging, high content analysis, and two-hybrid protein interaction assays.
  • GFP is commonly utilized as a protein tag not only for microscopy/cell biology application but also for immunoprecipitation and affinity purification. Whereas the Spot capture and detection system can be used when GFP as a tag is too large.