Our Mission

ChromoTek’s mission is to support extraordinary discoveries with high performing Nanobody-based affinity reagents in proteomics and cell biology. We strive to improve, accelerate, and simplify our customers’ research around the world.

New tools for better research

ChromoTek pioneered the development and commercialization of Nanobody-based research reagents. ChromoTek created 2008 a missing link reagent between cell biology and proteomic applications, when it introduced the GFP-Trap® for immunoprecipitation. The outstanding performance of GFP-Trap drove the adoption of GFP as protein tag in biochemical applications.

We are utilizing the unique advantages of Nanobodies over conventional antibodies to develop new tools for better research:

  • Nano-Traps affinity resins
  • Nano-Booster and Nano-Label Nanobody dye conjugates
  • Proprietary Chromobody® nanoprobes for live cell imaging
  • Spot versatile capture and detection system