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ChromoTek welcomes Customer No. 20,000

After a significant year in 2020, when ChromoTek became part of Proteintech Group, ChromoTek has now reached another milestone: welcoming its 20,000th customer!

ChromoTek was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. In the same year, the renowned GFP-Trap® for immunoprecipitation of Green Fluorescent Proteins (GFP) was launched, becoming the first commercial Nanobody-based research tool.

Developing the GFP-Trap, ChromoTek has also created a missing link between cell biology and proteomic applications. From the very beginning, customers have realized and benefited from the outstanding performance of the GFP-Trap in terms of affinity, stability, specificity, and background.

Today, the portfolio has grown significantly and these innovative products, which outperform conventional antibody-based products, are globally marketed. ChromoTek’s products are optimized by application and have already been referenced in more than 2,600 peer-reviewed publications.

In February 2021, ChromoTek reached a new benchmark: its 20,000th customer. Many customers have been with ChromoTek for years. Prof. Angus Lamond was the company’s first customer and is still using ChromoTek’s products:

“My research team were the first to test the ChromoTek GFP Trap beads, over ten years ago now back in 2008. From the very first experiment we used them in, they proved to be a game-changer for us and helped to dramatically improve the efficiency of all of our affinity purification analyses of GFP-tagged proteins and their interaction partners. The ChromoTek GFP Trap beads have become an essential part of our experimental toolbox.”

Going forward, ChromoTek will continue to address the potential functions and properties of new products derived from single-domain antibody fragments and looks forward to serving the next 20,000 customers.

Next to GFP-Trap, a series of Nano-Traps for the immunoprecipitation of fluorescent proteins, which are frequently used as protein tags, and peptide tags were developed and marketed. ChromoTek also expanded its portfolio into products for immunofluorescence applications. Here, especially, the small size of the Alexa Fluor® and ATTO® dye conjugated Nanobodies named GFP- and RFP-Boosters provides higher resolution, superior tissue penetration, and better quality in immunofluorescence imaging and super resolution microscopy.

ChromoTek expanded its product portfolio by launching the innovative Chromobody® nanoprobes for live cell imaging. Chromobodies are intracellularly expressed Nanobodies fused to a fluorescent protein for real-time analysis of endogenous targets in living cells.

In 2018, ChromoTek introduced the Spot system: a next-generation peptide tag and Spot-Nanobody for universal and elevated performance capture and detection applications. It consists of Spot-Tag®, an inert 12-amino acid peptide tag, and the high-performing Spot-Nanobody that binds specifically to Spot-tagged proteins with high affinity and ultra-low background. Spot-tagged proteins can be used for immunoprecipitation, protein purification, Western blotting, and immunofluorescence.

Finally, Nano-Secondaries were launched. These are Alexa Fluor conjugated Nanobodies that bind to IgG antibodies in a site-directed and species- and subclass-specific manner. Anti-human, rabbit, and mouse IgG Nano-Secondaries for immunofluorescence and Nano-CaptureLigands, i.e., biotinylated Nanobodies, for SPR, BLI and ELISA applications are available.


Munich, February 2021