In June, ChromoTek’s website is moving to



In February, ChromoTek welcomed its 20,000th customer.


ChromoTek launched Nano-CaptureLigands for specific and site-directed capture of antibodies for SPR, BLI, and ELISA assays. Also V5-Trap for unparalleled immunoprecipitation of V5-tagged proteins was released. In October, ChromoTek became part of the Proteintech Group.


ChromoTek launches Nano-Secondaries®: monoclonal recombinant Nanobodies to bind with high specificity and affinity to rabbit and mouse primary antibodies in a subtype specific manner.


ChromoTek launches the Spot-capture and detection system for universal applications: This is the first peptide-tag and Nanobody used in super resolution microscopy. The inert Spot-Tag® and Nanobody can also applied in immunoprecipitation, purification, Western blotting and immunofluorescence.


Highest number of literature references establishes GFP-Trap® as the gold standard for immunoprecipitation of GFP-fusion proteins and their interacting partners.


  • ChromoTek opens a subsidiary on East Coast to strengthens its customers’ support in the US.
  • ChromoTek’s Fluorescent 2-Hybrid (F2H®) technology enables screening and validation of compounds in living cells.


  • ChromoTek licenses Chromobody® technology for high content drug profiling to Bayer
  • ChromoTek introduces Chromobody plasmids for real time monitoring of key intracellular target molecules in vivo.


ChromoTek moves into IZB in Martinsried


ChromoTek introduces Nano-Boosters and Nano-Labels: fluorescently labeled Nanobodies for advanced immunofluorescence.


  • ChromoTek launches GFP-Trap, the worldwide first Nanobody-based reagent for immunoprecipitation of fluorescent proteins
  • ChromoTek starts to pioneer the use of Nanobodies for research applications
  • Foundation of ChromoTek GmbH in Munich, Germany