Nobel Prize for super-resolution microscopy!

Today, Eric Betzig, Stefan W Hell and William E Moerner were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for surpassing the limitations of light microscopy ( ChromoTek cordially congratulates the laureates of this most prestigious science award. We are especially happy for our … – Read more

The Alpaca Revolution: 4 remarkable Nano-Antibody …

Conventional antibodies are key reagents in biomedical research. However, due to the large size, limited stability and complex production and purification processes, antibodies are often very difficult to work with. For example, one major drawback is that antibodies usually don´t work inside living cells. This is where the binding domains … – Read more

Catch them if you can: Novel Nano-Traps for „old“ …

It was discovered 35 years ago, was awarded the title „molecule of the year“ in 1993 by the journal Science, and has amassed a whopping 72,000 research papers to date. Hardly any other protein has stirred up so much scientific interest as the transcription factor with the rather unspectacular name p53, which became famous as a tumor … – Read more

New Mdm4-Trap

Push For Smart Industry: ChromoTek wins category “Biotechnology” and the overall first prize from 1200 participating companies.