How to elute GFP-fusion protein from the GFP-Trap®

Binding of GFP-fusion proteins to the ChromoTek GFP-Trap® is very strong (this Nano-Trap has a dissociation constant in the pico molar range) and allows stringent washing, because it is stable up to 70°C and functional active in up to: – Read more

Post-seminar thanks and greetings!

We want to cordially thank all attendees of the last week's ChromoTek seminars! – Read more

ChromoTek on tour in Germany!

ChromoTek meets researchers at their institutes in Germany: From October 27 to 30, 2015 our senior scientists Dr. Andrea Buchfellner and Dr. Larisa Yurlova will be on a 2.000 km road show and provide scientific seminar lecture series. They will deliver presentations on two topics as requested by local scientists:  – Read more

Push For Smart Industry: ChromoTek wins category “Biotechnology” and the overall first prize from 1200 participating companies.