Update US ordering information

Dear valued US customer,  We have set the new ordering email in order to accelerate our US services. Please use this email address or, alternatively place your order via our online portal to benefit from improved delivery times.  – Read more

ChromoTek’s camelid antibodies are sequenced, …

On a personal note, we – ChromoTek - like to state a few words on the quality of our camelid VHH or heavy chain antibodies (also known as “nanobodies”). – Read more

5 Tips for better immunoprecipitation (IP)

Pull-down of proteins can be difficult, particularly when they are expressed at low levels. Here we present 5 tips, which will considerably improve your IP results.   Protein concentration matters The higher the protein concentration, the higher the IP yield. Try to use a concentration as high as possible.It makes a significant … – Read more

Push For Smart Industry: ChromoTek wins category “Biotechnology” and the overall first prize from 1200 participating companies.