GFP-Booster labeled with Abberior STAR dyes for …

Chromotek’s tiniest GFP-binding alpaca antibodies (also termed nanobodies) are now available conjugated to the Abberior STAR dyes. We developed these new GFP-Boosters to achieve the highest resolution and the best signal in STED imaging of GFP-fusion proteins. The new Boosters are the combination of: -        Chromotek’s anti-GFP alpaca … – Read more

GFP-Trap – More than 500 References/ Publications!

During the time when we launched the GFP-Trap, we wanted to offer a high quality anti-GFP antibody for pulling down GFP tagged proteins. The GFP-Trap enabled cell biologists to use their GFP fusion proteins for biochemical experiments like immunoprecipitations. In our view, the high binding efficiency and the lack of contaminating light … – Read more

Mapping the mitotic protein interactome of …

Mitosis is a fundamental process in life and it’s no wonder that mitosis is one of the best studied phenomena in biology. However, despite decades of intensive research, scientists are still far from understanding the molecular details of mitosis and its regulation. – Read more

New Mdm4-Trap

Push For Smart Industry: ChromoTek wins category “Biotechnology” and the overall first prize from 1200 participating companies.