New nuclear Actin-Chromobody® plasmid

It is our pleasure to announce the availability of a new member of our Actin Chromobody® plasmid family: The nuclear Actin-Chromobody® plasmid The nuclear Actin-Chromobody® (nAC) is a novel tool to visualize and analyze endogenous nuclear actin dynamics in living cells. The lab of Prof. Grosse, University of Marburg, Germany has added … – Read more

GFP-Booster labeled with Abberior STAR dyes for …

Chromotek’s tiniest GFP-binding alpaca antibodies (also termed nanobodies) are now available conjugated to the Abberior STAR dyes. We developed these new GFP-Boosters to achieve the highest resolution and the best signal in STED imaging of GFP-fusion proteins. The new Boosters are the combination of: -        Chromotek’s anti-GFP alpaca … – Read more

GFP-Trap – More than 500 References/ Publications!

During the time when we launched the GFP-Trap, we wanted to offer a high quality anti-GFP antibody for pulling down GFP tagged proteins. The GFP-Trap enabled cell biologists to use their GFP fusion proteins for biochemical experiments like immunoprecipitations. In our view, the high binding efficiency and the lack of contaminating light … – Read more

New Mdm4-Trap

Push For Smart Industry: ChromoTek wins category “Biotechnology” and the overall first prize from 1200 participating companies.